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Prices valid in store until the close of business on this date - Wednesday 10-05-2006

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We include all our range on-line with the most up to date stock information we can supply at the time of your search. Unlike some of our online competitors who process your order then inform you that you have a 6 week delivery wait we would rather give you the information at point of purchase. Due to the high demand for our products and the fact that some of our deals are finite in supply, a few of our lines have limited availability. As a result products showing as "only available in our stores" will be available in your local branch when they are sold out on the web, as we always try and give those customers who have gone out of their way to visit one of our stores stock priority. If you are making a special journey and are interested in purchasing a specific product, please call the store and you can reserve it until close of business of the following day.  Have a pen and paper ready to take down a reference code, then simply come in and collect it.  Due to variations in store sizes and our massive sales if you experience any problems getting hold of a particular item at your local branch, please call our General Stock Enquiry Line on: 0870 900 1000 or email

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Prices valid in store (all including VAT) until the close of business on the date below (some of these web prices are cheaper than in-store, so please mention that you’ve seen these offers online)
Wednesday 10-05-2006

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